Exploded Fox Cub Skull

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Stunning BEAUCHENE Fox Skull
This exploded skull is a wonderful gift for the person that has everything, handmade by me this display is a one off and I often don't have time to make them so will be a long time before I will be offering another for sale.  
This is a genuine fox cub skull.  This method of “exploding” the cranial bones was developed by the 19th Century French anatomist Claude Beauchene as a means of studying and displaying the architecture of the human head.  Disarticulated and mounted, these wonderful Beauchene skulls are rarely offered for sale due to the time involved in their preparation.
Made from a real found fox cub skull 
Mounted on a brass stand and fixed to a wooden plinth


measuring approx 6 inches high, 7 inches long and 3 inches wide