Welcome to OddityAvenue

For years I have had a passion for the bizarre and natural world.

A few years ago I was saddened to see someone throwing away a Victorian taxidermy animal just because there was a broken leg and a missing eye. I find these specimens beautiful and tried to think of a way to give it a new lease of life

I first created pieces for myself and then when friends saw them the feedback was amazing. I was then commissioned to do a piece. I started with small taxidermy mammals and then found myself buying old insects/butterflies and other pieces from auctions, antique shops and car boot sales. Friends and family also bring me gifts of things they have found whether it is a sheep skull from the moors or an old butterfly from the shed. This way I could incorporate different specimens in to my work

As time went on and I was running out of space I decided to put a few pieces for sale online and the response was overwhelming and it seemed that people loved the style of my work. You can view some of my pieces in the past work section of the site

The best thing about my work is no 2 pieces are ever the same and each has been created by hand with things that would ordinarily be thrown away

I happily take on commissions so please use the contact me tab if you have any questions. Sometimes creating a commission can be more fun as I get to bring someone else's idea to life. Whether it be a jewel encrusted crab, an anthropomorphic badger or beetles having a dinner party just let me know

I also sell many other items from the wonderful world of the weird and bizarre


For those people that have bought my work and asked me when I will have a website...... thank you for your encouragement and here it is